I am a Software Engineer based in Zambia.

I am a seasoned Software Engineer based in Zambia, with a rich history spanning back to 2007. Over the years, I've dedicated my expertise to software development, primarily working for various partners of the Zambian Ministry of Health.

My repertoire includes a diverse range of software applications, with a particular focus on electronic health record (EHR) systems. I've adeptly crafted desktop applications, web applications, and mobile apps tailored to the specific needs of our healthcare landscape. Noteworthy projects in my portfolio include:

  • SmartCare Legacy: A flagship national EHR system for Zambia, revolutionizing healthcare management.
  • Mwana: A pioneering RapidSMS-based system leveraging SMS technology to streamline lab results turnaround and provide essential clinical appointment reminders.
  • Android-based Applications: Designed to bolster community-based healthcare initiatives, ensuring accessible and efficient healthcare delivery.
  • Data Management Systems: Custom-built solutions facilitating seamless data entry and comprehensive reporting, empowering healthcare professionals with actionable insights.
  • Dashboards: Utilizing cutting-edge tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Apache Superset, and more, to visualize data and drive informed decision-making processes.

In addition to my healthcare-focused endeavors, I also devote time to crafting and deploying Android apps for the Google Play Store. My commitment to advancing technological solutions in healthcare and beyond underscores my passion for leveraging software engineering to create tangible, positive impacts in our communities.

Apps on Play Store

Bible Sorting Game

Bible Sorting Game a.k.a. Sort 'em Bible is the first app I published on Play Store. This is a christian game that takes you all the way from Genesis to Revelation. Each level comes with a number of items you need to sort. Your task is to sort the items according to the order they appear in the Bible for the given level.

Each level challenges you on how well you understand the Bible. At the same time it gives you the opportunity to learn since you can not unlock the next level until you win the current one. See if you can decode The Lord's Prayer, Gifts of the Spirit, The Beatitudes, The Parables of the Lost, Characteristics of Love, The Ten Plagues, Jesus Is, Little but Clever, Books of the Bible, and many many more levels.

Bible Crossword

Enjoy playing Bible based crossword puzzles while you get edified! See how well you know the Bible!

With over 2000 questions gathered from favorite and inspirational verses, historical accounts, Biblical characters (patriarchs, prophets, kings, judges, widows, prominent historical figures, heroes of faith, mighty men and women of valor, people with moral flaws, etc), the Gospels, the work of the Spirit, Jesus Christ, prophetic books, the reality and remedy for sin, grace and salvation, resurrection of the dead, Christian living, God's love, etc you will surely enjoy and be blessed.


  • This app is like a Mustard seed. It's vey small in size but has thousands of questions to choose from.
  •  Each puzzle is unique, randomly created every time you choose create one.
  • Supports a custom Keypad (a floating keyboard) that does not get in your way but gives a convenient way to read the puzzle questions even on small screens.
  • Multiple background colors (themes) to choose from
  • Easy navigation through the questions
  • The database has a mix of both simple and cryptic questions, questions for those new in the Christian faith and questions for mature in the faith

What Coms Next? (A logic app)

"What Comes Next?" is a beautiful, fun, exciting, brainy and educative quiz app that requires you to use logic, knowledge and wisdom. You will surely enjoying testing your IQ with questions from different subjects including general knowledge, general science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Sports and of course daily life activities.

You are given a sequence of 3 or 2 items that follow a pattern, and your task is to figure out the next item. Pick the best answer from options A, B, C or D. Be careful not to guess too much as picking the wrong answer for two times takes you back to question one!

Enjoy playing the apps!

They are all free.